HRB® - Hollow Rock Bolt

The HRB® bolt is a hollow steel bolt used in resin or grout installations, typically in hard rock mines where larger diameter support holes are drilled. The 27mm HRB® bolt is typically used with 34mm, 36mm and 38mm diameter holes. This ensures that the correct ratio between hole diameter and bar diameter (annulus) is achieved.

The HRB® bolt has a tensile strength of 135 kN and is manufactured in most standard lengths. In narrow stope heights, the bolt can be supplied with a coupler to facilitate the installation process. The HRB® bolt can be galvanised or DiSTeK™ coated if required.

Advantages of the Product:

  • The most cost effective system for larger hole resin installations.
  • Ensures correct annulus for large diameter holes when used with resin grout.
  • The patented bar end ensures optimal resin mixing.
  • The bar profile ensures an optimised bond between bar and grout.
  • Cement grouting can be done through the centre of the bolt to ensure full column grouting.
  • Can be fitted with a mechanical anchored shell.
  • Easier to handle underground due to its lower mass.
  • Can be fitted with the patented Load Indicator.

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