Process Dosing Pumps

Sera process pumps of type are leakage free, oscillating displacement pumps for the volumetric dosing up to 81 l/h and pressures up to max. 300 bar - depending on the flow rate.


  • Wide range of applications thanks to a performance between 4,9 l/h and 1650 l/h with counter pressures up to 300 bar.
  • Exact flow respectively dosing rates by variable eccentric drives with a harmonic motion sequence.
  • High reliability thanks to high-quality technical material, hydraulically driven multi-layer.
  • Display of the membrane through an integrated diaphragm monitoring (visually standard/ electrically optional).
  • Safe against overpressure by an internal pressure relief valve.
  • Wide field of applications thanks to extensive accessories as well as an optional design for explosion-proof applications respectively in accordance with API Standard 674/675.
  • Efficient drives of IE2 (for drives from 0,75kW) accord. EuP-guidline as standard.
  • Optimum customer specific design for almost any application thanks to a wide range of standardized modules.
  • Leakage free dosing and thereby a maximum security for productions environment.

Field of application:

  • Chemical industry - Used for high-pressure processes
  • Power plants - The pumps of the series 5 ensure a reliable boiler water conditioning
  • Petrochemical industry - Feeding of different chemical & Security technology at the highest level
  • Oil industry - Adding of liquid chemicals and achieving more efficiency and safety for our customer

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