Stallion Sala ST Vertical Spindle Pumps

Our Sala ST range of pumps are specifically designed to handle highly abrasive slurries. Our robust pumps also feature a simple design aimed at making installation and maintenance an easy task.

Bearing Assembly:

  • Installed bearings run a minimum of 60000 hours, and are double sealed against contamination.
  • Impeller clearance is a simple adjustment of the shaft and bearing housing assembly.

Cantilever Design:

  • Our Sala ST pumps have no stuffing box, submerged bearings or seals, which guarantees minimum maintenance, while eliminating any requirement for flushing or sealing water.

Wear Parts:

  • All pumps are supplied standard in various options of natural rubber & 27% chrome, with stainless steel and other materials available on request.

Impeller & Casing: 

  • Type “S”: A semi-open impeller and casing with spray holes. A portion of slurry pumped returns to the sump, allowing for agitation of solids and de-aeration of the pump, helping to prevent air blockage.
  • Type “A”: A semi-open impeller with slurry agitator and extended shaft. This design is well suited for pumping course, rapid settling solids.

Legal Notice: OEM Brand names have been used for reference purposes only, and are not products or brands marketed by Kuplak Minerals Africa (Pty) Ltd.