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Kuplak Minerals is a supplier of underground support materials, working closely with mines in Africa; understanding the needs of our clients and delivering superior quality products that ensure underground working safety. 

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HRB® - Hollow Rock Bolt

The HRB® bolt is a hollow steel bolt used in resin or grout installations, typically in hard rock mines where larger diameter support holes are drilled. The 27mm HRB® bolt is typically used with 34mm, 36mm and 38mm diameter holes. This ensures that the correct ratio between hole diameter and bar diameter (annulus) is achieved. The HRB® bolt has a tensile strength of 135 kN and is manufactured in most standard lengths. In narrow stope heights, the bolt can be supplied with a coupler to facilitate the installation process. The HRB® bolt can be galvanised or DiSTeK™ coated if required.

Hollow Rock Bolt

Advantages of the Product:

• The most cost effective system for larger hole resin installations.
• Ensures correct annulus for large diameter holes when used with resin grout.
• The patented bar end ensures optimal resin mixing.
• The bar profile ensures an optimised bond between bar and grout.
• Cement grouting can be done through the centre of the bolt to ensure full column grouting.
• Can be fitted with a mechanical anchored shell.
• Easier to handle underground due to its lower mass.
• Can be fitted with the patented Load Indicator.


Mining-specific rebar has been developed to improve on the performance of conventional rebar in mine rock reinforcement applications.
Katbar® may be used with mechanical anchoring and / or grouting, especially where re-tightning of the anchor is required.
Katbar®is hot rolled during the manufacturing process with a surface geometry that provides a continuous coarse-pitch twin-start thread. This alleviates the need to separately roll a thread onto the bar, and the bar may be simply cut to length.
During use, fully threaded bar overcomes the limitations of a finite thread and is applied where re-tensioning of the installation is required (such as rock scaling) or where insertion depth is inconsistent.
Katbar®is compatible with cementitious grout, chemical resin, mechanical anchoring or a combinations of these. Katbar® is supplied assembled. Assemblies vary in the choice of bar diameter and length, washer type and size, nut and seat as well as in the provision of load indicators, nibs and mechanical expansion shells.


Advantages of the Product:

• Continuous hot rolled twin-start thread.
• Permits re-tensioning of installations.
• Allows variable insertion depth.
• Thread profile provides good contact surface area and geometry for grouting media (resin or cement).
• Purpose-designed surface geometry to optimise performance in their application.

Mechanical Anchored Rock Bolts (Roof Bolts)

Rock bolts / studs are mechanically point anchored within the rock using 3 leaf bail-type expansion shells attached to the inserted end of the bolt. Expansion shells are supplied screwed onto the end of the rock tendon and are inserted into the hole. When tension is applied to the tendon the tapered plug within the shell forces the leaves to move outwards, thus wedging them against the walls of the borehole. This means that the mechanical bolt is functional immediately on installation. In many applications the installation is post-grouted for additional stability. The complete rock bolt assembly includes the threaded bar, bearing plate (washer), nut, seat and expansion shell. Numerous combinations are available to suit individual strata control requirements. These include:

• Bar Type
• Bar diameter
• Thread type
• Expansion shell size
• Washer profile
• Washer dimensions

Anchored Rock Bolts

All round and deformed bar (ribbed bar) used for mechanical anchors is high tensile (minimum 480 MPa) steel hot rolled in accordance with SABS 920. Step Bar® and Katbar® are specifically designed for mining applications (please refer to the individual Product Information Sheets for more detail).

Advantages of the product:

• Mechanical Anchors provide immediate active support.
• Wide choice of combinations to meet specific support requirements.
• Can be post grouted.
• The wedge and leaf arrangement provides parallel contact with the hole sides.
• Up to 4 mm range in hole diameter can be tolerated (depending on the choice of shell).

Resin Anchored Rock Bolts

Rock bolt assemblies for resin anchoring (chemical anchoring) comprise the stud, nut, bearing plate washer and a selection of accessories and modifications which can be configured to suit particular installation and rock support requirements. Rock bolt assemblies are packaged as complete, ready-to install units.

Resin Anchor Rock Bolts


• Provides stiff support.
• Ensure a cost effective support system.
• Improved anchorage in friable ground.
• Unique ribbed design provides for effective mixing and anchorage.

Friction Anchors (Split Sets)

The Friction Anchors can be installed with either hand held or mechanised equipment (Jumbos, Roof bolters, etc.) to provide an immediate frictional rock support at the face. For additional corrosion protection, Friction Anchors can be galvanised or thermally zinc diffused with a Distek™ coating. Our Friction Anchors are made from high tensile steel, roll formed into open slotted tubes. Driving the high tensile steel tube into a hole with diameter smaller than the tube diameter generates a radial force on the rock. This results in a frictional resistance to the pull-out of the tube from the hole. A steel ring is fixed to the collar end of the tube to retain a bearing plate (washer).

Friction Anchors

Advantages of the product:

• Immediate support.
• Fast and easy installation.
• A full length support.
• It remains effective at any angle of installation.
• Cost effective.
• Batch identification is added to inner side of the tube.
• Visual inspection is simple.
• It is an ideal means to retain Welded Mesh.
• Rock movement improves its effectiveness as a support medium.
• May be used in conjunction with Combo Plate, W-Plate, W-Strap or Osro Strap to increase areal coverage

Pig Tail Eyebolts

Pigtail Eye Bolts are used mainly to suspend underground services such as pipes and conduits. Pigtail Eye Bolts are secured by means of a mechanical expansion shell.

Pig Tail Eyebolts

Advantages of the product:

• Re-usable suspension bolts.
• Different lengths and diameters available.
• Quick manual installation.

Flexible Eyebolts & Wedges

Flexible eyebolts are used mainly to rig underground snatch blocks and pulleys. Wedges secure the eyebolt in the hole. Flexible eyebolts are available with either round eyes or link lock eyes (“Cobra”).

Flexible Eyebolts & Wedges

Advantages of the product:

• Reusable suspension bolt.
• Different lengths.
• Quick manual installation.
• Suspension of different equipment.
• Only replace wedges.

RocLoc® Timing Light - RTL

The RocLoc® Timing Light is designed to assist mining personnel with the installation of RocLoc® Resin Capsules to ensure that the appropriate spin and hold times are adhered to. Standard units are pre-set to comply with standard spin and hold times; however we are able to customise the timing intervals to suit a customers specific requirements.

Timing Light

RocLoc® Resin Capsules

RocLoc® Resin Capsules are a two compartment capsule with the outer sheath made from polyester film. The one compartment contains the resin mastic and the other compartment contains the catalyst paste. The insertion and rotation of a roof bolt breaks the sheath and allows the resin and catalyst to be mixed. This thixotropic compound sets after a specified setting time and creates a chemical bond between the anchor and the strata.

Resin Capsules


RocLoc® Resin Capsules are used in conjunction with roof bolts and cable anchors to provide support in underground excavations. Installations can be done with either hydraulic or pneumatic type bolters.


• Fast anchoring of roof bolts to surrounding strata.
• High load transfers achieved immediately after setting of resin.
• Point anchor installation with fast set single speed RocLoc® Resin Capsules.
• Full column bolts resist horizontal and vertical strata movements.
• Prevent sag by clamping the individual strata layers into a single beam.
• Protects bolt from corrosion and can be used in wet conditions.

OEM Brand names have been used for reference purposes only, and are not products or brands marketed by Kuplak Minerals Africa (Pty) Ltd. 



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