Rescue Gas Bottles - Dräger PSS® BG 4

The Dräger PSS® BG 4 is a closed-circuit breathing apparatus which is independent of the surrounding air and particularly suited for long-term assignments in a toxic environment. Soda lime absorbs the carbon dioxide in the exhaled air and oxygen is constantly added and not guided outside - such as in breathing apparatus with pressure gauge - but kept within the circuit. Depending on job performance, the duration of use is up to four hours. For oxygen supply, compressed oxygen is used.

High-performance soda lime:

Drägersorb 400 has been especially designed for the absorption of CO2 in closed-circuit breathing apparatus. It contributes significantly to the long-term safeguarding of performance capability, especially under the expected conditions of use of the Dräger PSS BG 4 plus. Drägersorb 400 is characterised by a very high abrasion resistance and can therefore be used in the apparatus for 6 months or, if stored in the vehicle, over a distance of 500 kilometres.

Easy maintenance:

The Dräger PSS® BG 4 can be assembled and disassembled quickly and conveniently without tools.

All features at a glance:

The breathing apparatus is equipped with the fully electronic warning and signal unit Bodyguard® II. It provides the wearer with important information, such as cylinder pressure, remaining duration of use, or temperature during the assignment. The information is presented visually and acoustically. The data registered by Bodyguard® II can be transmitted to the Dräger PSS® Merlin monitoring panel in connection with an optional transmitter unit.


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