Flexibolt Anchors

The Flexibolt originated from the need for a flexible anchor system that does not require hydraulic equipment to tension.  To satisfy this need, the Flexibolt is tensioned by hand or a rockbolter and has the capability of being re-tensioned.  

Flexibolt Cable Anchor:

3.0m to 6.0m Long x 18mm threaded Flexibolt UTS 367kN c/w 36mm x 3 leaf shell anchor, cone and 150mm thread on the dead end, 50mm thread, GV grouting seat, 4-6t load indicator and M20 crimp nut on live end.

  • 150mm x 6mm Square plate c/w grout gasket.
  • Thread shear strength = 300kN.
  • Ø8-12mm Free running breather pipe (to allow cable to spin)

25T Flexi Cable Anchor:

6.0m Long x 15.2mm bulbed flexi cable – UTS 268kN c/w 350m thread and M20 nut.

  • Thread shear strength = 200kN
  • 150mm x 8mm Square plate
  • 4-6T Load indicator
  • 1m x Ø16mm Filler pipe
  • Ø10-12mm Breather pipe (separated from the cable)

38T Absolute Cable Anchor:

  • 6.5m Long x 18mm compact cable – UTS 367kN
  • 200mm x 16mm Domed plate c/w grout gasket
  • 18mm AMS Barrel and wedges
  • 45mm Absolute shell (To fit 48 to 51mm holes)
  • Ø10-12mm Breather pipe
  • 1m x Ø16mm Filler pipe

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